Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Somewhere today, a woman looked in her mirror just before leaving the house and said, "This works!".
Then she sauntered out the door in four inch heels, hair that looked as if nothing other than body oil had touched it in three days, and fingernails that invoked memories of tribal rituals.
The nice thing about this whole picture is that usually, this woman is under the age of 30 and our society will pretty much let her get by with anything based on the fact that she will learn with age. If she is older than 30, the image is further destroyed by sags, bags and bubbles of cellulite. Unless she is taut, and then she has money which has enable various sorts of surgeries and treatments to make her retain a constant look of strain and pain.
What made her decide that the stringy hair look was attractive, or that she could get by with wearing it excessively long, no matter what the face or body style?
Or that the heels that tipped her body forward at an angle to defy gravity gave her an attractive presence? Moreover, these extremely high heels, whether they have a base of quarter-inch stillettos or a four inch block on the bottom of the shoe do not, as supposed, give her the appearance of power, but instead, a look of exreme uncertainty.
Or that curving long fingernails (most of the time, dirty) displaying works of art rivaling the old masters made even the most lurid man, want to caress her hand? It is very obvious that women who are dedicated to growing these claw-like abnormalities, do not do anything with their hands. If their job requires that they keyboard or work a cash register, it is always interesting to watch the various techniques they use to get the job done despite their handicap.
We women are so funny!
(Notice that I included myself in that observation.)
The effort, pain, damage, money spent in all of that attempt to be fashionable is realized only later in life - when you also realize that extra makeup is not the answer (it only fills in the crevices and makes them look deeper).
Clean long hair is pretty on the young and only pretty when worn up on the older women. Just look at Willie Nelson. Nuff said.
With age, you understand that your foot is made to walk pretty much the way it is shaped at the bottom of your leg and anything else will make you wince at some point in the day. Wincing causes wrinkles and distortion to your face that is not attractive.
Long fingernails hinder your abililty to prepare a meal (even just for yourself), clean your body, clean anything else, hug a man and caress a baby and doing these simple things is feminine. It's just that simple.


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